The last 48..

The last 48 hours have been a whirlwind, more importantly a check on our day to day..


  • Slammed at work. It’s always difficult to leave the house when the kids (3 of them) are in a mood similar to that of ¬†of a tornado. My wife is amazing and I always feel like I’m leaving here with the wolves when this happens. And boy oh boy was it like this in the morn and throughout the day. My daughter sometimes is like a sleeping bear: gets enough sleep through the winter, great, not enough sleep, your running like hell.
  • Around 5 pm a tremendous wind storm came to town. Like a gigantic sneeze from the man upstairs, trees were blown down, branches were everywhere, and you couldn’t see past your nose. My oldest’s t-ball game was canceled, so the family and I drove around in it. Quite a site to see. Alerts then came that our neighborhood was on lock-down/evacuation because of a major gas leak. Farts. (pun intended)
  • ¬†Decided to eat out even though we could have been at our house. One thing I forgot to mention. The power was out in our house as well. We ate, got back to the house that contained no electricity and a lovely natural gas aroma.
  • My wife and I did some watering at the neighbors and walked around the park nearby to check out the scene. It basically looked like a nado struck the park.
  • The gas smell subsided, but still no power. So I thought, “what a lovely time to enjoy outside while its still light out and get some family time. Wrong. Everyone else’s house got power except our block. The kids were tired and ratcheting up the warfare mood, and annoyance was going around. So we tried bed.
  • Kids fell asleep, by the grace of the same guy who sneezed all over our town, and then that familiar, lovely aroma came wafting back through the house. Natural gas to the max.
  • We get a hotel. This was after I woke my oldest up and had him try to stand, yet he wobbled like it was 3 pm in the bar getting off a stool and smoked his head on the dresser, great way to start. The smell was causing headaches and the fear of being lit up like the upcoming 4th of July was too much.
  • We catch a break at the hotel. The lovely receptionist gave us a sizable discount because of our trouble in neighborhood.
  • Enter the room. Smoking room. You pick, natural gas smell or smoke (for a non-smoker). We chose smoke. Just crank up the fan and open a window. Wake up early and get hotel breakfast and get ready to go to work.


  • Work is busy. I really forget to eat lunch and have a handful of chips and watermelon.. I do manage to get a nice trip set up though, to Disneyland (more on that later) and get to take my wife out for a beer. Needless to say though, I’m wiped
  • Go for beers and I’m just un-attentive and lethargic. I do not like when I’m in this state because I know I can’t converse very well and give attention like I should, especially because my wife and I need these little breaks. But I can’t shake it. The combo of long days, gross ass smells, and everything in-between barred to much for me.
  • Get back home after a while and my oldest and I go straight to bed. Night night

The moral of the story is, maybe there isn’t a moral. We get through days the best we can and sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. The ability to realize when you are not at your best can be the game-changer in your life though. Get up the next day, refresh and make it better than the last. That’s worth striving for. Its what I strive for anyway, for myself and my family. It’s not easy this thing called life, but lack of ease can be recognized and worked on. Get it.